V.I.P is an investment platform for cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, altcoin, and masternode investors and projects. It utilizes masternodes and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) concepts to power the blockchain for VAULT, the platform's native coin. The secure platform allows the deposit, withdrawal, and storage of investor collateral with all the benefits and rewards of running your own masternodes or staking for rewards. An investment platform of this nature aims to increase mass adoption by completely removing the difficulty associated with entering the masternode realm. Using VAULT ‘eliminates’ all of the following:

    •    Downloading wallets for each project from the correct, verified source

    •    Needing a dedicated destination location for storage of wallets

    •    Ongoing maintenance, such as keeping up with wallet updates

    •    Leaving wallets ‘open’ 24/7 in order to earn staking rewards

    •    Needing constant internet and physical equipment for storage

    •    The need to keep up to date with most listed project coin swaps

    •    Finding a hosting source and keeping track of monthly renewal fees

    •    24/7 monitoring to verify all nodes, on all projects, are functional

    •    Losing income from non-functioning nodes needing a restart

    •    Security issues associated with general personal wallet management

It is often said that mass adoption will occur only “when your grandmother is able to use the product.”  We agree and welcome your grandmother to try out VAULT.

All listed (hosted) projects/coins operate on an instant share basis, meaning that there is no delay in waiting for a masternode to fill up before receiving rewards. You can take your collateral out at any time or choose up to 100% reinvest for maximum rewards.

Platform User guide: https://github.com/vault-investments/VAULT-Platform-Guide/blob/master/VAULT-Platform-Guide-English.pdf (Latest Version, missing some new features)

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