Even though we technically would be able to access the coins and move them to another account or resolve it in another way, we would not be able to without doing our utmost to ensure that it is the same person and not another person pretending to be the original user. The last thing we want is to release coins to an imposter. The procedure would be to use the backup codes that you should save in a safe place. The codes are shown to you only when 2FA is activated. If you don’t have this code, you would need to answer the 3 security questions correctly. We implemented the security questions for this reason. It is recommended that you write down the questions and answers and save them where you can find them. It is also recommended that you always enable 2FA to increase security and give us another means to verify your identity, and when you enable 2FA, make sure to write down the security codes. They will be shown only once and should be kept in a safe place. It is the only way to disable 2FA by yourself, if your authenticator is broken or otherwise no longer available.

We intend to securely look after your coins, which means it is necessary to have proper security procedures when such problems occur. If you don’t look after your own account to make sure you are prepared and can reproduce the answers and 2FA code and possibly the security codes, so we are satisfied you are the account owner, then unfortunately it could lead to the permanent loss of your account! After confirming your identity there will be a waiting period of 7 days to ensure no one else comes forward to claim their account. Please be prepared, and we will be ready and waiting to help if disaster strikes.