We use a shared node hosting price system that is fair for everyone and works by calculating and charging the hourly cost. Every hour the system looks at each customer's current balance, the exchange rate of the coin to USD, and then assigns the cost for the past hour. Rewards are typically paid twice per day, with outstanding hosting costs charged when a reward is paid or a customer makes a withdrawal.

Based on the number of coins hosted in your account, you pay hosting costs only on a proportional part of a full rnode. For most coins, this means hosting costs appear twice per day and vary each time depending on the exchange rate and the number of coins in your account. We quote monthly and/or daily prices but in reality, charges occur twice daily with no advance payments. So you pay hosting costs based only on the number of coins in your account and the actual time VAULT hosts your coins.

It is always best to consider holding some VAULT coins in your VAULT platform account and choosing Pay in VAULT to get a 50% discount on hosting costs for all other coins we host. Since VAULT provides free hosting for VAULT coin, it's easy to hold enough VAULT coins so that the rewards they generate cover fees for your other coins. Customers who host many nodes or larger quantities of coins on VAULT platform might also consider our Prime hosting option.