VAULT Coin Project launched on June 5th, 2019 with a day 1 working platform (utility) and use case as the currency of the VAULT Investments Platform (VIP). VAULT coin holders are rewarded with a passive income directly deposited in their account twice daily. This is made possible by using blockchain technology with a pool of masternodes as the backbone driving the blockchain for the generation of rewards. Investors holding certain numbers of CRYO VAULT coins can gain further benefits with entrance into the private investor channels and planned products and features.

VAULT coins are hosted on the VAULT platform free for life and this makes them ideal for holding to receive rewards to pay for hosting of other coins at less than 50% costs.

VAULT is the first project and coin in the unique CRYO “experiment” game-changer feature from VAULT, and was designed to provide the perfect environment for innovation and long-term sustainability.

CRYO was also offered to other projects as the next generation of masternode projects, however, few realized the potential in their hands and delivered on the project front. 

VAULT coin is the perfect benchmark of how powerful CRYO could have been for any project if only they would have followed VAULT by example. VAULT coin possesses everything an investor should be looking for: growing maturity, utilities, stability, and rewarding to all holders. With a very low, well-managed supply, it can remain stable in markets and times with low liquidity, needing low demand to raise its value and with the added security of a Minimum Guaranteed Price (MGP) as the floor. As VAULT Investments continues to progress and create more utilities for real world users, VAULT coin should remain strong, desired, needed, and naturally grow in demand.