If you look around at what we have created to date, you might notice that we are innovative and like to do things a little differently. So we concluded that roadmaps are boring and full of goals and expectations to lead a project in one direction and if you deviate from it you have the traffic cops pulling you in to ask where you are going and why are you not sticking to your boring roadmap. 

So instead, VAULT loaded up the RV and set out on their own ROAD TRIP. If we wake up at 3am with a eureka moment, we can head in whatever direction we want to go the next day. VAULT is like the collection of games you had as a kid when you would open the box up and decide which games you wanted to play today. We have the skills in house to develop almost anything we choose, so why be tied down to what is expected. Let us be spontaneous and bring you whatever we choose along the way and whatever you want from a project. There is a long road ahead with plenty of surprises to come in 2021 and beyond.

So VAULT does not have a defined ROADMAP. We have our own ROAD TRIP.