The “Tethering” of Stability to Utility

Way back in the stone age of cryptocurrency, circa 2014, something monumental occurred. It happened for the same reason most breakthroughs do: there was an unmet need in a marketplace, it was growing, and it was in wait of a solution.

This event, as some may know, was the creation of a crypto stablecoin. Originally dubbed RealCoin, it soon after rebranded to the Tether name.

Now, whether one loves or hates Tether (and there are plenty in both camps) is completely irrelevant for this discussion. Over time, many stablecoins developed, with varying features and regulations, but with an emphasis on adding the transparency and trust that the Tether product lacked, and all with the underlying goal of providing price stability.

While they have succeeded in this important role, they also share another commonality: they are mind-numbingly boring.

What if there was a product that had some degree of the stability/safety aspect of a stablecoin, and yet also had potential additional positive utility over and above the rudimentary level of price stability/safety?

We were not aware of one either. When we first created the VAULT ecosystem, it was to address an unmet need in the masternode space, namely to bring more transparency to a marketplace that was rampant in anonymous teams, fake projects, and pump and dump exit scams. We have learned much along the way, and constantly make adjustments to keep improving this experiment-in-progress, in addition to expanding the scope and reach of the overall platform. Just as back then, it seems to us there is yet another need being unmet, and we should just build the solution again ourselves.

VAULT coin’s unique CRYO lockup already offers the stability/safety of a cryptocurrency that cannot be dumped, but we have long felt that was just the minimum of what could be accomplished.

What if the coin had a price floor buy wall large enough that it could never be penetrated?

This would, in effect, allow it to act much like a stablecoin, in the sense that the price theoretically could not go below this unit value. But, very unlike a stablecoin, the price would still have no upper limit or cap. Further extending this concept, what if that same massive support wall could not only be maintained but incrementally achieve higher price point support levels over time?