VAULT Monetary Policy

Minimum Guaranteed Price (MGP)

VAULT Reserve Public BTC Address

VAULT Reserve Functions

VAULT Club Participation

VAULT Reserve Board (VRB)

Minimum Guaranteed Price (MGP)

Guaranteed price in bitcoin of VAULT coins in general circulation (outside CRYO) that could effectively be sold/used on the open market. The actual market price will depend on market conditions and demand.

VAULT Reserve Public BTC Address: 


Our public address where BTC will be placed as part of the VAULT reserve holdings. This has already been funded with funds in BTC to back up our initial MGP. with an additional 0.1 BTC (0.2 total) set in buy orders on each of our 2 listed exchanges.

VAULT Reserve Functions

Only a portion of VAULT reserve funds will be kept on exchanges as a safeguard to prevent the loss of funds that occurred on exchanges in the past (e.g., Cryptopia) from various conditions beyond our control. Additional external funds used to support the MGP publicly on exchanges will be part of the VAULT reserve. The VAULT Reserve funds will determine the guaranteed rate of VAULT coins for the next set period. The rate will not be set at the full amount of BTC available but will be used as % overage. 

Example: A set MGP of 10,000 sats for all coins in the open market. Section of VAULT reserve funds allocated to MGP has 1.5 BTC. This would represent an MGP of 10,000 sats at 150% AUM.

VAULT Club Participation

(Holders of 1000+ CRYO VAULT Coins) 

Every month before a new MGP is agreed or held at the current rate, consultations will be held with VAULT Club members, and when available a 10% freeze bonus will be offered to VAULT Club holders that wish to freeze any loose coins in their account. This can be beneficial to holders aiming for a higher goal, such as the VAULT 500 Club or to reach their goal where they want to start taking a regular passive income. After the freezing of VAULT, a new MGP can be implemented for the next period.

VAULT Reserve Board (VRB)


Silent Investor Partner


VAULT core team


VAULT Club Members 

The VRB will meet on the 4th Thursday of each month to review the current situation and to discuss and determine the MGP to set for the following period. VAULT coin will be pegged against bitcoin at the MGP with the rate guaranteed not to fall during the following period. There can be additional rises in the MGP between periods that will replace the one previously set but there can be no downward price movement during a set period. In the event of Bitcoin reaching extreme highs and the rate being unsustainable, a maximum of 10% drop can only be permitted each month.

Visual Aspects (MGP)

The rate will be displayed on the VAULT platform and other locations

The MGP will be displayed on the VAULT platform as a link to the dedicated webpage.

Display Example: 

VAULT MGP 10,000 sats

A tooltip will provide additional data

MGP is the guaranteed price for the set period for use in e-commerce and investor cost averaging. The market rate is determined by the market conditions and demand.

VAULT Cash (the term used for VAULT “stable” coin equal to MGP)

Since the inception of the VAULT coin project, the goal has been to create the perfect investment coin with real-world use cases. A unique environment has been set by using the CRYO program with a steady focus on coin management to ensure "sustainable" coin emissions that can work in all liquidity markets.

By having the stability of the VAULT coin and the price pegged against Bitcoin, we are providing new opportunities for the VAULT coin to be used as a preferred form of payment method anywhere Bitcoin or digital assets are accepted.