It can be rewarding and beneficial for Bitcoin investors and believers looking to grow their Bitcoin or other investment opportunities to invest in. When they are holding and growing VAULT coins, they are effectively holding a guaranteed minimum in Bitcoin. VAULT coin = Bitcoin, with a unique twist. With the information available, potential investors can cost average with the market rate they pay for VAULT coin in Satoshis, VAULT coin R.O.I. and the guaranteed rate. 

An example: 

Buy VAULT coin at 20,000 Satoshis market rate

Time of purchase, VAULT ROI = 32% 

Current Minimum Guaranteed Price (MGP) 10,000 Satoshi

Taking all facts into account, you have a minimum 16% R.O.I. of Bitcoin but there is no upper limit as this is determined by the market price you sell for. Even if you paid 30,000 Satoshi (3 x the 10,000 MGP), it still returns 10.% R.O.I. using the above example data.