Coin Packs were created as a service to provide projects listed on the VAULT Platform, where they can sell their premine and dev funds in a nice way without taking anything away from their investors on exchanges. All projects listed on VAULT Platform have the option to deposit coins to their account to offer to platform users. Project owners manage the supply of coins available and can set up any coin pack sizes and prices to suit all budgets. All transaction history is available in their account for review or download.

On VAULT platform, investors find Coin Packs to be a convenient, fast and easy way to invest, without the fuss of having to deal with fees and the process of buying and moving coins on exchanges. By depositing Bitcoin, choosing what they want and fits their budget, they can quickly start earning rewards. It often costs less money and time to buy Coin Packs than it does to buy the same quantities of coins on exchanges. Sometimes investors might pay a little more than market rates but when everything is taken into account the difference is usually minimal and they are helping the projects they believe in by providing direct funding for development. VAULT Platform acts as an escrow service as the full transactions are performed from users' accounts.