VAULT coin was created as a new form of investing for long-term holders looking for a better return on their money than banks and many traditional investments typically offer or provide. Our system uses a high percentage of locked coins that provide an instant passive income.

One of the original features of the VAULT platform, the CRYO feature is cleverly named after the science of cryogenics, which refers to low-temperature physics. CRYO is a unique feature created by VAULT Investments to perform freezing (locking) of assets held in each VAULT platform user’s own personal account and in other products and services offered on the platform. It is fully custom-coded for VAULT coin and can also be used for any listed (hosted) projects. This is similar to how locking of coins is performed mainly in DeFi on the blockchain. But we have simplified the process, as there is no need to download any wallets or connect browser extensions, such as MetaMask, before investing.