Ice drop is our own unique, innovative bonus coins feature, which was developed to help real investors and projects keep more value in their holdings and investments. All ice drops are hosted for free and will grow slowly, naturally through the accumulation of rewards with compound interest. You can also help it grow faster by depositing coins to your ice drop wallet address. It holds and can be filled to 10% of a masternode share, and after this rewards will flow into your normal wallet so you can take them out or grow them. The faster you fill your ice drop wallet, the sooner you start earning rewards to your standard wallet.

At the end of the fill by date, a filled ice drop wallet is moved to the normal wallet and becomes a 10% masternode share. All unfilled ice drops including all rewards generated will be returned to the project owners, but if you have deposited coins and not fully filled the ice drop, the deposited coins will be returned to your own wallet.